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It’s exciting to be involved in planning a wedding, but it may also be a stressful engagement. Being tasked with planning a memorable wedding event, you will soon realize that there are etiquette rules governing every part of the wedding planning process. Whether you are the bride-to-be, her sister, or a close friend, these etiquette rules will affect you. One area in which etiquette will need to be considered is when planning the bridal shower, from sending bridal shower invitations, choosing the theme of the event, to planning the day of the event.


While many people are well aware of the bachelorette party to celebrate the last night out as a single woman, the bridal shower is another traditional way to celebrate upcoming wedding vows with a bride-to-be. Usually planned by the maid of honor, the bride’s female family members and friends attend to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Today, there are many variations on the classic wedding shower, from showers at work with colleagues of the bride-to-be to ‘couples showers’ to celebrate with the happy couple in a coed group.


It is a great deal of responsibility when you are put in charge of planning the bridal shower. There are so many things to be planned that it could blow your mind. There are decorations and food, and one very important element; the bridal shower invitations. The bridal shower is the time that you show the bride how much you love and support her, so you want to get it right.


Who and How to invite for the bridal shower?

It is not enough to just call the intended guests or send an email. The right thing to do is send official bridal shower invitations. Designing invitations and sending them shows your guests that you really want them to attend the shower. Formal invitations also show that you have style and class, and the bride will appreciate you for not embarrassing her.


After completing the designs of bridal shower invitation cards, it is now time to let them go to the intended guests. It is considered proper to send bridal shower invitations to the mothers, sisters, and other female family members of the bride and groom, as well as close female friends. The guest list is governed by wedding etiquette that dictates that invites should not be sent to anyone who is not on the guest list for the wedding itself. Today, however, it may be acceptable to hold showers for groups who know the bride, such as coworkers, who may not be invited to the ceremony.


The Bridal Shower Theme

The invitations for the bridal shower may be matched to the wedding invitations, bachelorette party invitations or the celebration may have a theme on its own. Once you’re married with kids on the way, you could even continue the theme to your baby shower invites. The invitations you select are the first impression your guests will have regarding the style of the bridal shower that will take place. As such, they should be selected to reflect whatever theme you are planning. One of the most popular bridal shower themes is a Kitchen Shower. With kitchen shower invitations to match this theme, guests will know to bring kitchen-themed gifts for the bride.

Matching the invites to the theme is of particular importance if it lends itself well to gift ideas. With the perfect bridal shower invitations, your guests will instantly recognize the theme and know to bring kitchen-themed gifts and their favorite recipes. The theme of the bridal shower is often chosen with a certain type of wedding shower in mind. Many younger women, for example, are opting for lingerie bridal showers, and guests bring something special for the bride’s new bedroom.

In general the design of the invitations should match the decorations for the shower. If you are having a formal tea for the bridal shower, probably the bridal shower invitations should feature soft, lovely colors or perhaps English roses. More modern bridal showers should have invitations that have clean lines and bolder colors. Keep in mind that these are guidelines and not rules. Always go with invitations that reflect the bride’s tastes.

No matter what theme you select for bridal shower invitations, the party is sure to be memorable for the bride-to-be and all of the guests. Bridal showers are a fun way to commemorate the bride’s upcoming wedding, and she will leave with great memories, not to mention practical gifts to take with her into married life.

Planning the Day of the Event

You should not wait until the last minute to select bridal shower invitations. You will need to allow time for them to be printed and shipped. You will also have to address them and send them out in time for guests to respond. Make sure that all of the information they need is either included in the invitation card or there is contact information so that they can call to R.S.V.P or ask questions.


The majority of bridal showers take place four to eight weeks prior to the wedding. If the shower takes place too close to the wedding, the bride may be too stressed out about last-minute wedding details to enjoy celebrating with friends and family. On the other hand, guests’ travel arrangements must be considered when sending bridal shower invitations. Regardless of the date of the event, bridal shower invitations should be sent four to six weeks before the shower. All bridal shower invitations should include information about the venue of the bridal shower and should have RSVP response details.


Conventionally, the bridal showers event takes place between one and two months just before the wedding. It is important for the maid of honor to take care not to schedule the celebration too close to the wedding itself because the bride may be too busy with last-minute details to enjoy her shower. Bridal shower invitations should be sent at least a month in advance of the shower.

Of Course do not forget photography!

Bridal Shower party is also a memorable part of the Wedding Photography and, of course, you don’t wish to miss any moments. It is important to note that this is the time that the bride’s family and friends get together and wish her well in her new life. This is the event where the family members or guest gives the bride gifts or best wishes and is important in wedding photography collections.

It is also time to celebrate the impending nuptials. This is the time for the bride to spend time with her family and friends, and this gathering can set the tone for the rest of wedding events. Thus, a professional photographer should not be two feet away from each moment to take vintage photos for the event. The right bridal shower invitations are just as important as any other aspect of the bridal shower plans. You should invest time and thought into them so that the bride will really cherish your choice.